Lancaster County Vaccine Availability

Vaccine availability continues to be limited. However, there are multiple options for Lancaster County residents who are eligible to receive a vaccine. In addition to the Lancaster County Community Vaccination Center, the county’s healthcare providers are providing vaccines to eligible individuals. The following links will provide information on how to receive a vaccine through one of these providers.

NOTE: You should receive your first and second dose vaccines from the same provider. The Lancaster County Community Vaccination Center will not offer second-dose vaccines to individuals whose first vaccines were received at another provider. 

Lancaster County Community Vaccination Center:

Other Lancaster County Health System Providers

You can also use the Pennsylvania Vaccine Provider Map, which is published by the Pa. Department of Health. Contact the vaccine provider of your choice directly to schedule an appointment. This map will be updated as more locations receive vaccine. Although a provider may have received vaccine, there is no guarantee that they have open appointments, as supply remains limited.